Frequently Asked Questions

100th Anniversary School Program

How do schools sign up?
United Supermarkets staff pre-registered schools identified on the Texas Education Agency and New Mexico Education Agency web sites. If your public or private K-12 school was overlooked please go online to  to register or call 806-788-4869 for assistance.

My school was not pre-registered. Can my school still be involved?
Any K-12 public or private school in the trade area of a United Family store is invited to participate. Please go online to  to register your school and order a packet of materials for your parents.

My school received the packet, what do we do next?
Now that you have the packet, please visit to confirm your participation in the program. Then distribute the flyers included in your packet to each student in your school to give to their parent or guardian. Also visit for other ideas to promote the program in your school.

My school did not receive the information packet, can I request a new one?
Absolutely! Just call 806.788.4869 to request a new packet for your school. Please allow one to two weeks for processing.  

How do I support my school of choice?
Supporting a school is easy! If you received a flyer from your child’s school, simply present the flyer to the cashier the next time you shop. The cashier will scan the barcode on the flyer and you will be signed up to support the school of your choice. If you did not receive a flyer, tell the cashier your child’s school name and they will look up the school code to complete your sign up.

When can I start earning votes for my school?
You can start earning votes for your school starting January 13, 2016. Just provide your alternate ID or phone number to the cashier when checking out and start earning your votes with your next purchase of eligible items -- it's that simple.

How will I earn votes for my school?
Earn votes just by shopping at participating stores and using your Rewards account. Earn one vote for every one dollar spent on eligible purchases at participating locations.

What items qualify for earning votes and what items don’t?
You will earn votes on all in-store purchases except the following items:
Store Gift cards
Federal, state and local taxes
Money orders and funds transfers
Utility payments and comparable items and transactions
Lottery tickets
Returns, credits and refunds
Coupons, discounts and other promotional offers
Postage stamps
Any other products sold at face value as a convenience for our guests

Why can I not earn votes on certain items?
We cannot reward certain purchases such as beer, wine and tobacco because of state law, so Rewards votes cannot be used in connection with purchasing these products. Please note that United Supermarkets LLC reserves the right to exclude additional items at any time during the program. Votes may be deducted for the equivalent amount of any returns or credits. Votes are earned on out-of-pocket prescription costs only. Votes are not applicable to prescription drugs paid for in whole or in part by any insurance plan, federal or state government programs (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid).

Is there a limit to how many votes I can earn for my school?
There is no limit to the number of votes you can earn.

Can I earn votes at other locations?
You can earn votes at any United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express and Albertsons Market location.

I have three children. Can I sign up for more than one school?
For the 100th Anniversary School Program, you can only link your Rewards account to one school. If you have more than one child in school, extended family members and friends can link their Rewards account to one school as well.                                                                                         
When will the winning schools be chosen?
Winning schools will be chosen by October 8, 2016 and winners will be notified before October 31, 2016.

How are the winning schools chosen?
Winning schools are chosen based on total votes, student enrollment, and percentage of participation in the school contest program. There will be one neighborhood school chosen for each of the 66 United Supermarkets, Amigo’s, Market Street or Albertson’s Market stores. After those 66 schools are selected, then the next 34 schools with the greatest participation percentage will win.

When will the winning schools receive their money?
Checks will be mailed to the schools no later than November 9, 2016.

What can the school use the money for?
Schools can use the $1,000 for anything that the school administration chooses. Whether it be new books for the library or new gym equipment, it is up to the school on how to use the money.

How many schools will win?
There will be 100 schools chosen as winners.

How much money could my school receive?
Winning schools will each receive $1,000.

We have grandparents that live in another town. Can they earn votes for my child’s school?
YES! Just give your school code to your friends and family and they will earn votes for your school no matter where they live. As long as they shop at any of the United Family Stores, they will be earning votes. Don’t have a school code?  Have your grandparent tell the cashier your child’s school and city and the cashier will look up the code.

What if my child changes schools mid-year?
You can change your child’s school at any time. The total votes earned by your rewards account  will be assigned to the last school you signed up for. 

What if I don’t have a Rewards Account?
To be able to earn entries in to the Anniversary School Program Contest, you must have a rewards account. Signing up is easy! Visit the kiosk in your store, ask your cashier when you check out or go online to to sign up.

What if I forget to give the cashier my rewards account number? Can I still get credit?
During the 100th Anniversary school program, votes will only be collected if a Rewards account number is used in the transaction. We will not be able to add votes after the transaction is completed.

Is there someone I can speak with if I have questions?
Sure, you can always stop by your nearest store and visit the Guest Services counter. You can also contact our Rewards Guest Services line toll free at 1-877-848-6483.
Can I exit the program or stop communications?
Yes, you can do so at any time. If you decide to end your participation or want to stop receiving promotional communications, you can do one of the following:

  • Update your profile at
  • E-mail us at,
  • Contact Guest Services toll free at 1-877-848-6483, or
  • Visit Guest Services at your local United Supermarkets, United Express, Market Street, Amigos, or Albertsons Market.

Do you share my personal information with the school, including my transaction history?

United Supermarkets, L.L.C. will not share any of your personal information with any third parties, except to the extent necessary to administer the Rewards Program. United Supermarkets, L.L.C. does not knowingly sell, license or rent any Guest information to outside parties for any purpose. For more information, please see our privacy policy at